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Grand Island Sports Council

Satisfied Customers

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Super Retriever Series

Grand Island was an amazing venue, I had heard that from last year and experienced it myself this year. I love the folks there and all the special interests that are a part of Grand island.  It WILL be the best looking show to date shot at an Super Retriever Series event, the Semi Finals are gorgeous...

Thanks to you and all your sponsors who put on an INCREDIBLE event.
Shannon Nardi

Islander Soccer Showcase Classic

"I think there's tremendous value to a showcase that concentrates on high school teams rather than club teams.  The top club showcases are overrun with both coaches and players whose expectations are solely about the 'bigtime.'  Lots of good players are shut out of those club showcases; and many of the small college coaches who attend them - coaches of very good teams I might add - often find those players unreceptive to the small college option.  By all means shoot for your dream, but be open to wonderful possibilities you didn't even know existed.  I'll keep coming to the Islander Showcase Tournament looking for that player who gives his or her best to soccer, school, and life."

- Tom Maxon, Morningside Soccer Coach